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George Calls for Hearings on O’Malley Education Ranking Scam


We posted last week about Maryland cooking the numbers to maintain the oft repeated #1 ranking in education. It seems to fit the modus operandi of the O’Malley administration to fudge statistics to create the illusion of success where none exists. Now  gubernatorial candidate Ron George, a state delegate from Ann Arundel County  is calling for an investigation of what he’s referring to as a “cheating scandal.”

George, ranking member of the House Ways & Means education subcommittee, accused the administration of cheating its way to No. 1 — a ranking Gov. Martin O’Malley and legislative leaders frequently boast about.

“I am demanding answers about who in the administration was involved in this cheating scandal, what exactly they knew and when they knew it. I am calling on the leaders in the General Assembly to convene hearings to get to the bottom of this matter,” George said. “We tell our students cheating is wrong and hold them accountable when they make a mistake. What message are we sending them now when corrupt politicians abuse the education system to advance their own political agendas?”

Of course, the chances of any hearings taking place in a General Assembly led by a dictatorial Democrat machine are between slim and none, and Slim just left town. The GA will circle the wagons around O’Malley in order to preserve the illusory educational success while Maryland students entering college continue to need remedial education in reading and math.

Attorney General Doug Gansler, running in the Democratic gubernatorial primary did speak up as well though. No doubt he views this as a chink in the armor of frontrunner, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown.

“The parents of Maryland deserve honest and transparent testing – and a more thorough explanation of how they were misled by a system that appears to have put a blind desire to pump up scores ahead of the needs of Maryland families,” he said in a statement released by his campaign. “Let’s not shy away from challenges, let’s take them on with a commitment to early education programs, afterschool and summer learning bridge initiatives, getting our children the tools they need to succeed.”

The reaction by the O’Malley administration is what one would expect–blaming criticism of their desperate political point scoring on someone else’s desperate need to score political points.

“Some people are so desperate to score political points, that they’re willing to question the achievements our students and educators have earned for five consecutive years,” Press Secretary Nina Smith said.

Whatever the motivations, Maryland’s #1 education ranking still appears to be based on a #1 ranking in excluding special needs students from the testing program–and in that ranking Maryland greatly exceeds even the #2 ranked state. The “achievements” of the O’Malley administration are nothing more than a manufactured facade for him to use in 2016 as a presidential candidate, and the Democrat monopoly in Maryland are more than willing to aid that effort.

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