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Annapolis Council Considers Stripping Mayoral Powers, But is it Really Because of Party Politics?

Annapolis City Hall

Many news outlets are running with the story today that the Annapolis City Council is considering stripping mayoral powers from the newly elected Republican mayor, Mike Pantelides.  While the timing looks very suspicious, the cause and effect assumption here may not be true.

Annapolis City Council considers stripping mayor’s powers

“Annapolis Alderman Ross Arnett insists the City Council’s decision to take another look at making the mayor’s job a more ceremonial role has nothing to do with party politics.”

Arnett, a retired Department of Health and Human Services federal bureaucrat, claims that he supported the proposed change even when fellow Democrat Josh Cohen was in office. According to public records, Arnett did present CA-09-09, a charter amendment to move city government to a council-manager arrangement in December of 2012 when the mayor’s office was still in the hands of the Democrats.

“CA-09-09 For the purpose of establishing a city manager form of government by defining the appointment, powers and responsibilities of the city manager as chief executive of the City; reforming the office and duties of the Mayor; reforming the appointment and duties of the city attorney; and, clarifying the role of the City Council.”

Obviously, the earlier proposal was unsuccessful. If you’re looking for a partisan angle to this story, watch to see who opposed it then but supports it this time. The proposal itself isn’t it.

Arnett presented City Manager Amendment in 2012

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