Anti-Semitic Flier Rips MD Democrats for Undermining Black Political Power

Front Line State pointed out recently how odd it is that the Democratic Party which is so focused on identity politics is lining up behind a rich, old, white, Montgomery County lawyer to replace the longest serving female U.S. Senator, Barbara Mikulski.

Someone in the state clearly isn’t happy about Maryland Democrats favoring Chris Van Hollen over Donna Edwards. An anti-semitic flier was distributed in Prince George’s County depicting Senator Ben Cardin, Congressman Van Hollen, and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer standing over two dogs with the faces of Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker and Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett—both of whom are black.

Powerline reported on the flier yesterday:

The flyer goes on to attack the “Israel lobby,” which allegedly is using Black politicians to split the African-American vote so as to “ensure that Blacks don’t get political power in the Senate.” It also accuses “apartheid” Israel of training U.S. cops in how to “set up paramilitary police armies in minority neighborhoods. . .all across the [United States].” And it accuses Israel of sending Black Jews to prison camps and suppressing the birth rate of Black Jews.

The rest of the flier is full of similar conspiracy theories. Powerline has a link to a picture of the flier.

JTA reports:

“Van Hollen will run against Donna Edwards and other African-American candidates chosen and financed by the Israel lobby for the purpose of splitting the African-American vote in the primaries,” the leaflet said. It accused Leggett and Baker of selling out Edwards “for a few doggy treats.”

It is not known who is behind the flier.

Van Hollen is close to the mainstream pro-Israel community. Edwards has been critical of Israel and has clashed with elements of the pro-Israel community. In her most recent race, Edwards was endorsed by J Street, a liberal pro-Israel group.

Both Edwards and Van Hollen condemned the flier.

In past elections, Van Hollen has been accused of only paying lip service to supporting our ally while being no friend to Israel in any substantial way.

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