Barbara Mikulski Using Social Media for Shutdown Scare Tactics


Clearly Senator Mikulski is trying to scare seniors into thinking their checks won’t get to them.

However, per The Christian Science Montitor:

“Social Security and Supplemental Security Income [SSI] payments to beneficiaries will continue with no change in payment dates,” says a shutdown-related bulletin on the Social Security website.

Field offices will be open to provide some services, including processing new-benefit applications, the bulletin says. But shutdown puts a hold on issuing new or replacement Social Security cards, replacement Medicare cards, or proof-of-income letters.

The same is true for unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Senator Mikulski is cynically trying to scare seniors and other recipients of government benefits that those benefits may not be provided during a shutdown. She (or whatever flunky runs her Twitter account) has parsed her words carefully so as to not come right out and say the benefits won’t come but that is clearly the seed she is trying to plant in people’s minds.

The House of Representatives has sent a continuing resolution to the Senate which funds every program save the problematic Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) refuses to vote on anything that does not include EVERYTHING that he and President Obama want. Yet it is Republicans who get portrayed as unwilling to compromise. If she really cared about her federal employee constituents, Senator Mikulski would be demanding that Harry Reid bring the continuing resolution to a vote so they can get back to work. Her love for her constituents is eclipsed by her loyalty to her political party, unfortunately.

All to protect an ideologically driven government health insurance scheme that is killing jobs and causing insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Maryland deserves better than this. If you’re a social media user, let @SenatorBarb know how you feel about this.

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