Be wary of voting machine ‘malfunctions’ when you go to the polls

There are reports of voting machines incorrectly marking the Brown/Ulman ticket instead of the Hogan/Rutherford ticket from several counties across Maryland. Should this occur when you are voting it is suggested that you follow these steps…

  1. Check your ballot for errors
  2. If you find an error, try it again, sometimes your finger slips, but if it occurs again request that the Chief Judge come to your voting unit
  3. Only cast your vote once it has properly selected your choices for candidates.
  4. If you wish, you may report the problem to the Hogan Campaign. They will want to know your voting location, unit number and time of the issue. 443-837-9223

This is not an official endorsement for the Hogan Campaign, but they are trying to do something about potential voter fraud and that is always a positive.

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