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Turning the Tides 2015: The Bullet or the Bribe – Live blog and video

Larry O’Connor

Scott Blevins

Erin Anderson

Blevins – sealing the border is expensive, but how much did 911 cost us?  The TSA is far more expensive than sealing the border.  Operation Jump Start in Uma County has made the border there 93% controlled.  Section of land in Penal County where US government has put up sign saying do not enter area – this is our Nation and the cartels have taken it over.

Anderson – her family has lived on the border since the 1900’s – prior to Statehood.  Blevins lives in a major corridor, while Anderson’s southern property line is an International border.  Tremendous amount of our Western land is owned by the Federal government or are Indian Reservations.  This limits what border guards can do in these areas (only horses and no vehicles or cannot go onto land).  She cannot live on the land because of the cartels, yet she must still pay taxes on it.  Border agent she knows of was at a bar talking up some ladies – these ladies belonged to some cartel men who had just been released from jail.  They took agent out back and beat him to death and bashed his head in with a rock.  They murdered him because they knew there would be no recourse!  Various Feds and elected officials visited her community after this and she was invited to this meeting.  The border agents could not speak to these figures openly so she did.  The outrage was being muffled and the rules of engagement (‘you never kill the gringo’) disregarded.  It was now okay to kill the Americans and now gunfire became common place – in short they now live under the law of the cartels.

Was in parking lot of Pentagon on 911.  Tucson, Az. was an al Quida hub and our officials knew it!  While back home in Az. the ranchers, etc. were telling her the stories of how the migrant workers had changed – now they were finding Korans, prayer rugs, etc.

Rapid fire questions

  • Deportations under President Obama have skyrocketed. What is the difference under this Administration than previous?

Anderson – Dept. Homeland Security – not ours, it works for Obama.  Everything you are hearing is a bold faced lie (even under Bush Admin it was wobbly).  We can be 2nd best to the Israelis.  Cartels control our border.  Whatever their product (sex trafficking, migrants, drugs, terrorists) they control its movement.

  • Was border controlled tripled?

Anderson – Over the years, the staff has increased.  We have all the money and assets to secure border, but our policies are stand down.

  • Higher fence, moat, etc – they will never be satisfied. Take them at their word, will that actually help?

Blevins – Operation Jump Start works in Uma sector – but they will not replicate it.

  • Is there room in our immigration policy to separate those here to actually work and the cartel activity?

Blevins – Secure border first, then deal with immigration reform.  Two men approached him one time and they asked for help.  He asked if they were here illegally and they said yes.  He drove to Circle K and got them what they needed and then took them to Catholic church.  Three days into his journey, late night he was awaken by 12 fully armed military garbed folks (night vision goggles, AK-47, drugs on their backs) who asked what they were doing and told them not to ever mention them.

  • What were the Catholic Bishops doing on the border?

Anderson – No longer about illegal immigration, now about national security.  Calderon came to Bush Admin begging for help, but the cartels finally won the fight.  Bishops, et al have been bought!  This Admin has offered to these Catholic groups money to operate charities.  The charities pull out of the border and now tell people if you make it to US, then we can help. Diagrams in Mexico churches under stations of the cross showing the migrants how to get into America.

Cartels own the migrants and they can move themselves (with drugs, etc.) and they can now use him to sell their product because they know their family back home.  While they do mow your lawn, etc – they also are moving product (drugs) and selling.

  • Why are local governments not involved in building fence?

Anderson – Our laws are NOT be implemented!  Project 28 (super fence) was built to fail.  Az. has the benefit of the initiative process.  Every election wrote more and more laws (had to be legal citizen to vote, had to be a legal citizen to get welfare) and once E-Verify came along that saved Az.

Anderson – Biggest supporters of legalizing marijuana was cartels as it gives them access to our banking system.




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