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Turning the Tides 2015: Changing the Game – Live blog and video

Wayne Dupree (We Are America Radio)

Sonnie Johnson (Change the Game, Founder – CTGHQ.org)

Sonnie – in the Conservative movement for about four years, but not sure where she fit in.  Almost quit because conservatives did not want to hear message – we’re killing ourselves and we’ve got to stop.  Conversations in ‘her community’ are not generally spoken about in conservative circles.  Andrew Brietbart asked her to speak!  When she introduced him at CPAC, she realized she could ‘do this’ her way!

A lot of people in the movement forgot what we stood for – more voices!  Brietbart stood behind her using his important voice to give her voice a chance to speak and she has not stopped talking since then!  This is your army and if you see a weak spot in your army, fix it!

What is the weak spot?  Principles, platform…?  No – diversity.  She and Wayne are not diversity because they are black, but because they see a different view.  The groups protesting (Occupy, Ferguson, etc.) are leading and we are chasing them to prove we aren’t racist, we aren’t homophobic, we aren’t anti-Muslim.  We keep showing what we are not, but we don’t show what we are!

She chooses to speak in hip-hop analogies by design.  We live there and know poverty, lack of education, etc.  That is why the people who live there call the ghetto “the trap”.  Conservatives are the Party of the rich – yes we are, it’s fun to have money!  Then why don’t you engage those who don’t know how to achieve these results?  Come and eat with us!  “All of those things you accuse us of – yes!  Now come and partake in it!”

Wayne – Progressives play on emotion.  They hold onto and hold down the person using this messaging… If you want to reach the minority communities, put some people into your programs that they can identify with.

Sonnie – while Nancy Pelosi may not ever actually go to the hood, she takes a lot of pictures with the rappers, etc.  DNC knows the methods even if they don’t believe what they promote – they train folks using rap, using Hollywood, using race, etc.

Maybe we don’t have all your experience and wealth, but we also don’t have your losing record.  We have it all, but are willing to put egos aside and take up the mantle!

Wayne – we are fighting over who gets to be the captain in the sinking boat!  Turn off the distractions and go to meetings.  Progressives are doing this and we are losing because of it.  Drop the ego.

Sonnie – we want a Reagan in our lifetime.  So principled everyone in America follows him.  “If we want to save the free market, first we must destroy it.”  We want to conserve America – is this really the nation we want to conserve?!  Do you really want to stay in section 8 housing – if we want conserve America then we are forcing these people to remain there.  We aren’t trying to conserve corporate welfare, greet this and that…  As Frederick Douglas said, “And if the negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also.”

Wayne – your voice is the most powerful weapon in the world – if you close your mouth, you are the problem too.

Sonnie – “I get a little excited…”  < she is a very dynamic speaker > You have the Rand Paul’s who are willing to reach out to the intellectuals in the black community.  Paul Ryan brings his economic vision into urban communities and very few acknowledge that – but there are some who do it…

Wayne – we want more voices and it may diminish how self important we believe about ourselves.

Sonnie – questioned about how to make inroads.  Imagine that for your whole life you’ve been taught the sky is blue and I come to you to tell you the sky is not blue.  How would you believe that?  Find that one person and send them back in for reinforcements.  Talk about generational poverty!  Don’t go in and tell people what’s best for them, be a servant and find out what they need!

(I got called away at the end – so I will finish with Sonnie was a remarkable and energetic speaker!)

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