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Common Core: ‘Horrifying tales of compliance, asburdity, and harm’

In Frederick County, Ben Rose, a non-verbal child with cerebral palsy was forced to take the tests despite his parents instructions to the school.  A lawsuit

Michelle Malkin mentioned it in her newsletter: Choose to refuse: Say NO to PARCC/SBAC testing

Twitchy captured Ben’s mom sharing her story on Twitter: Common Core: Maryland school defies mother’s refusal to have special needs son tested

Morna McNulty-McDermott who recently spoke at MD CAN’s Turning the Tides conference about the dangers of Common Core wrote an excellent post about the situation at Educationalchemy.

When Will We Finally Say Enough? Seriously.

We had assessments galore; determining the progress they were making on objectives catered to meet THEIR needs, and the needs of their families. I was taught (and practiced) listening to parents and families above “policy”, because what was important to them became important to me. My students were learning how to use pictures to communicate when they could not speak. They were sharing their imaginative capacities though they could not write. They were learning how to develop life skills and how to make friends. None of this would ever, could ever, be measured on a standardized test. But these were the days before No Child Left Behind, or Race to the Top.  I cannot even fathom now being in a position to force any of my former students to take a test that was not in their genuine best interest simply because some policy says “I must”.

Forcing any, and all, children to endure the harmful effects of high stakes standardized testing because some state or federal mandate requires all children be tested, ironically in the name of providing equitable and quality education, is the greatest insult ever hurled upon public education and children. To force a child like Ben, whose educational needs are so far removed from that which such a test can provide simply for “compliance sake,” is just heart breaking. It reveals how deeply flawed the system of accountability is, how failed our policies are, and how compliant in the face of insanity we have become … and most of all, how enmeshed we are as a society with a turn- a- blind- eye- faith in the testing mentality. How outraged do we need to be before we put an end to corporate-driven reform?

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