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Delegate Sleeps Through Citizens’ Common Core Testimony


(h/t The Quinton Report)

During the recent snow and ice storms a lot of concerned parents still made their way to Annapolis in order to testify and voice their concerns about Common Core standards. Delegate Melvin Stukes (D-Baltimore City, District 44) apparently thought their testimony was not worth his time and decided the take a nap instead of listening. The Maryland Liberty PAC has been using Facebook to call him out on his dismissive attitude toward the people’s concerns.



It’s one thing to disagree with people’s testimony and vote accordingly but to sleep during said testimony is arrogant and classless. Anyone who has been in a committee hearing in Annapolis knows that it’s pretty common for the one party monopoly to ignore testimony, but don’t the people deserve to at least be heard by delegates or senators who are actually conscious?

According to comments generated by Maryland Liberty PAC’s Facebook posts, Delegate Carolyn J. B. Howard (D-Prince George’s County, District 24) voiced her displeasure and left the room for most of the hearing. We’ve got a long way to go in Maryland if our elected officials don’t even think it’s their job to listen to us.

Delegate Mike Smiegel¬†(R-District 36) introduced the legislation (HB 76) to prohibit Maryland from adopting the federal “common core” standards.

Prohibiting the State Board of Education and specified county boards of education from establishing specified educational policies, curriculum, and guidelines that include or are based on the Common Core State Standards; prohibiting the State Board from entering into any agreements or joining any organizations that give control over educational matters to any entity other than the State; requiring the State Board to take specified steps to rescind the State Board’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards; etc.


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