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Delegate Submits Bill to Repeal Obamacare Implementation in Maryland.

Delegate Hough

Annapolis, MD- Delegate Michael Hough (R-Frederick & Washington Counties) announced that he introduced a bill to repeal Obamacare implentation in Maryland, HB 169.

In 2011, lawmakers voted to conform Maryland’s healthcare laws to the federally enacted Affordable Care Act (Maryland HB 170 entitled “Health Insurance- Conformity with Federal Law”).

Delegate Hough said, “Obamacare is such a disaster that the President himself has been constantly waiving and delaying po rtions of the law. Unfortunately, Maryland is stuck with the worst provisions in our law, which has resulted in people being kicked off their healthcare plans.”

According to a Washington Post article on January 11, 2014, “Within moments of its launch at noon on Oct. 1, the website crashed in a calamitous debut that was supposed to be a crowning moment for Maryland officials who had embraced President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and pledged to build a state-run exchange that would be unparalleled.”

The State of Maryland has already invested $170 million dollars into the failed Maryland Healthcare Exchange. So far only 20,358 Marylanders have signed up for the exchange, significantly less than the 150,000 state officials expected.

“The US Constitution gives every state the ability to establish its own healthcare laws. Maryland should not hand over our lawmaking powers to the federal government and their one-size-fits-all solutions”, said Hough.

“When the President was abandoning major portions of his law, Maryland was stuck with them because we enshrined it in our law. The healthcare exchange is no ‘crowning achievement’ it’s a crowning failure,” continued Hough.

Hough concluded, “It is now clear there is no way to fix Obamacare, Maryland needs to stop the implementation of Obamacare and that’s exactly what my bill does.”

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