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DEVELOPING: Major Shakeup in MD Electoral Politics

Frick Delaney

UPDATE: 1/25/2014 8:49 pm

The Washington Post Maryland Politics blog reports John Delaney is making vague denials

“Many people I trust and respect have asked me to consider running for governor, and of course I always think about where I may best serve,” Delaney said. “But I love my job, and my expectation is that I will continue to serve in Congress and represent my district.”

If we weren’t talking about a Washington politician, that might be be enough to put rumors to rest. However…


Sources are telling Front Line State that a major shakeup in Maryland electoral politics is in the offing. We reported earlier in the week that Representative John Delaney (D) might be jumping into the Governor’s race. Now we are hearing from sources in Annapolis that John Delaney is definitely going after the Democrat nomination for governor and will be announcing the move as early as next week.

Brian Frosh

The new wrinkle to the story is that District 16 Delegate Bill Frick (D) will be running for Congress in MD-6 in place of Delaney. Frick had already launched a campaign for Maryland Attorney General last year, but will be stepping aside in that race, leaving only State Senator Brian Frosh contending for the Democrat nomination. (The GOP has failed so far to field a candidate in the AG race, so Frick’s move might just lock up the AG election for Frosh.)

These reports are not 100% confirmed but they come from reliable sources.

Frick is a Harvard educated lawyer, not exactly a rare bird in Washington politics. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between Frick and the rural grassroots in MD-6, since he sometimes tends to feel a bit put out when having to deal with those he deems to be beneath him.

Brian Griffiths at RedMaryland captured a tweet in 2010 that Frick posted, bemoaning that he had to listen to someone testify on behalf of the people.

Life is hard for Delegate Frick.


Griffiths wrote:

Apparently, Delegate Frick isn’t a fan of, you know, public participation in the Legislative Process. Apparently it is a tremendous strain on Frick’s life to listen to testimony from somebody who probably understands more than Frick how free markets work and how to pull Maryland out of our economic doldrums. Then again if you read into his condascending tone, I suppose Bill Frick doesn’t think 22-year olds should participate in the political process except to be quiet and knock on doors.

Of course, Delegate Frick, if your life is so difficult and you are so inconvenienced by public testimony, you could always hit the bricks, go back to Montgomery County, and let one of the thousands of unemployed Marylanders take your $43,500 a year seat in your place…

It’s well known that Dan Bongino, Frick’s Republican opponent in the MD-6 race, relishes any opportunity to go after elitists and cronies. The race could get much more interesting without an incumbent running.


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