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Far Left Activist Calling for Single Payer to Replace Botched Obamacare

Margaret Flowers

Margaret Flowers is a Maryland pediatrician who in 2007 left the practice of medicine to become a full time advocate for single payer healthcare. Today she published “An Open Letter to MoveOn: Time to Change Course on Obamacare” in which she tells the George Soros funded organization that they need to end their “last-gasp desperate attempts to save Obamacare and Obama’s reputation.”

If the Democrats truly want to be in control again, if you want the people to rally behind your party, then you must embrace a bold agenda now. It is time to do the right thing. Tell the truth. Put the blame where it belongs – not on government but on the health industries that wrote the law to their advantage and are incapable of putting the needs of the people before their insatiable crusade for profits.

Tell the people that Obamacare is the wrong direction. It is corporate-run healthcare. The Democrats tried to work within the current system, but now see that is impossible. It is time to join the rest of the civilized world, including our neighbors to the North and South, who treat healthcare not as a commodity but as the public good that it should be.

The Constitution clearly states that the government may tax for the general welfare. Just as taxes pay for roads, schools, fire departments and more, what better use could we have for our taxes than to invest them in solving our healthcare crisis, not through greedy health corporations but through our American institution, Medicare? The best path for the American people right now is to scrap Obamacare, immediately extend Medicare to every person and double social security benefits. This will create an economic stimulus effect not seen since the New Deal.

This is, of course, utter lunacy. Demanding more output from federal entitlement programs which are already on the verge of insolvency is bad enough, but suggesting that pushing out more entitlements will boost the economy is just as ridiculous here as it was when Nancy Pelosi said that increasing unemployment benefits creates jobs. Taking money out of the economy, subtracting the cost of federal bureaucrats, and putting it back in will not make the economy bigger any more than doling out more food stamps will create more food.

While Flowers was a proponent of single-payer before the failures of Obamacare started to become apparent, this sort of collectivist view will become more and more a part of the public debate.  The failures of Obamacare will provide political ammunition for statists and collectivists as well as for those who advocate for freedom and capitalism.  We can’t just sit back and enjoy watching the train wreck. The media is susceptible to the unicorn dream economics espoused by activists like Flowers. Freedom loving Americans need to be presenting solutions which acknowledge that the strength of American health care is innovation driven by free enterprise–and yes, capitalism.

Utopia is not possible. Even if it were it would be antithetical to freedom. The sort of “solution” Flowers and her ilk are asking for would be disastrous.

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