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Bill Frick Wants to Seize House of Cards’ Assets



Hell hath no fury like a crony scorned.

Maryland Attorney General Candidate, State Delegate, Bill Frick (D-16, Montgomery County) presented with blatant extortion from the television series “House of Cards” retaliated with naked statism. In response to the Kevin Spacey blackmail gang’s letter threatening to leave the state if it didn’t pony up more payola, he added language to the state budget requiring the state to seize the assets of of the film company.

Del. William Frick, a Montgomery County Democrat, proposed the provision, which orders the state to use the right of eminent domain to buy or condemn the property of any company that has claimed $10 million or more credits against the state income tax. The provision would appear to apply only to the Netflix series, which has gotten the bulk of the state credits.

Read more at the Baltimore Sun

Like a real life version of a situation from House of Cards, it’s impossible to tell who the bigger dirtbag is, the extortionist or the naked statist.  It never occurred to Frick and the rest of the machine in Annapolis to just call the extortionist’s bluff? Did they really have to lead with piling abuse of power on top of bad policy?

Regardless of whether it made sense to throw special tax breaks to Hollywood while other businesses are fleeing Maryland’s confiscatory taxes, does Maryland want an Attorney General who will use the power of the state to retaliate against private companies who benefit from tax breaks given to them by the state?  It’s a move worthy of Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department. Any delegate who supports this ridiculous language deserves to be condemned.

What message does this send to any business who–for whatever masochistic reason–is thinking about moving to Maryland? Taking advantage of tax breaks given by the government might just result in losing your company assets because some stuffed shirt in Annapolis wants to look like he’s tougher than his $100 haircut.


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