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Hogan Gun Show Tweet Sparks Oliver Willis’ Fantasies


Oliver Willis is a Maryland comic book enthusiast who’s day job is spinning his own fanciful yarns for the George Soros funded Media Matters for America. Last night Jeff Quinton tweeted a link about gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan reaching out to voters at a gun show. This prompted Willis to break out every anti-gun inanity in his utility belt.

Willis began with insinuating that gun rights supporters were “compensating”  for the size of their genitalia and that women who support gun rights only do so because of…well…other reasons.

Naturally, Oliver never responded to requests that he produce an example of these “endless” ads he cited.

You can read most of the craziness over at ‘Beyond idiotic’: Oliver Willis slammed for claim women support gun rights because of ‘scary black guy’ ads

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