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Hogan’s sensible Baltimore jail closure –

Professional, non-corrupt staff, and well-maintained facilities are basic features for any sound criminal justice system. But the Baltimore City Detention Center fails on both counts.

The jail’s facilities are old and ill-maintained. The complex dates to the Civil War era, although it has been renovated multiple times. Its ceilings are leaky. Its toilets and plumbing fixtures often broken.

Basic maintenance and rudimentary levels of cleanliness shouldn’t be too much to ask of a government building full of people. Prisoners and guards alike shouldn’t fear getting ill or injured by problems that arise from lack of jail maintenance.

But these problems pale in comparison to the corruption and general mismanagement  at the jail. Two years ago 44 correctional officers, and others at the facility, were indicted for racketeering and a variety of other crimes.

Last week the Baltimore Sun reported that Governor Larry Hogan has ordered the immediate closure of the scandal-plagued Baltimore City Detention Center. A 10 year plan to close the facility had already been laid out by Governor Martin O’Malley. But Hogan’s plan will see the problematic, expensive institution closed by the end of the month.


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