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BOE member not even allowed to see complaint for which she is being disciplined [video]

Cindy Vaillancourt

The Howard County (Maryland) Board of Education has passed a resolution disciplining one of their members for “sexual harassment” charges. These charges stem from a conversation Mrs. Vaillincourt was having with a number of adults in front of a youth. That conversation was about a local Giant grocery store carding students in order to buy condoms. Mrs. Vaillincourt was discussing how to put pressure on the store to keep them from carding the students so that local students wouldn’t have to face unwanted repercussions. (There is no legal age restriction on condom purchases.)

Vaillancourt asserts that teen access to condoms is part of Howard County curriculum and discussion of such should not be considered offensive. Vaillincourt suggests that the actions by the BOE are politically motivated because she is often the dissenting member.

Vaillancourt has never been allowed to see the complaint that was made against her, despite requesting it through legal counsel. The BOE Chairman Ellen Flynn Giles told her ”

The following exchange occurred during the BOE meeting (approximately at the 9:15 mark of the video below):

VAILLANCOURT: I believe I should get to see this filed action…this complaint that was filed

GILES: You have the same rights as any other member.

VAILLANCOURT: Then why do I not have it?

GILES: Because everybody doesn’t have a right to see actions that are filed by minors regardless of..

VAILLANCOURT: Everybody has a right to see the complaints that are filed against them.


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