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Is John Delaney Trying to Use the Secret Service to Gather Dirt on Dan Bongino?


Is Congressman John Delaney (D-MD6) accessing the U.S. Secret Service in order to dig for dirt on his challenger, former agent, Dan Bongino? Sources suggest that he is and Bongino seems to think so judging from his Facebook and Twitter activity today.

The Delaney campaign may be feeling some pressure given the endorsements and successful fundraising quarter the Bongino campaign has enjoyed recently. Keep in mind that Delaney holds a seat which has traditionally been Republican, having won the seat in 2012 from Roscoe Bartlett who ran a less than impressive campaign. He does not enjoy the ensconced status of many of his Maryland colleagues.

Here is a portion of what Bongino wrote on his campaign’s Facebook page earlier today

“he has not moderated or sought out a substantive fight with me on issues, but is desperately searching for people within the Secret Service to say negative things about my service record. Sadly, insider gimmicks like this are not uncommon, as I was unfortunate enough to witness during my time behind the DC curtain.”

That last tweet comes on the heels of Bongino’s public letter to President Obama in which Bongino explains how, like many other Americans, his insurance plan is being cancelled despite the President’s promise that “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” Bongino is becoming a popular figure in the media, appearing regularly on national news programs and even guest hosting for powerhouse talk radio programs like The Sean Hannity Show and The Mark Levin Show. His criticism of the President’s policies is reaching an ever wider audience.

If the Delaney campaign is somehow poking around in the Secret Service looking for dirt on Bongino, is a lowly freshman Congressman getting such access on his own?  Or is it more likely that a petulant President Obama is offering an assist in retaliation for Bongino’s open challenge? The latter would be completely in keeping with the type of tactics the President is known for, and having a former member of his security detail calling him out on his failed policies must certainly be an embarrassment for a President known for having a thin skin.

If the Delaney campaign is planning to use current U.S. Secret Service employees as a means to attack Bongino, someone is likely breaking the law given that U.S. Secret Service employees are prohibited by the Hatch Act from engaging in political activities in their capacity as federal employees.

A statement has been requested from the Delaney campaign and this post will be updated should we receive a response.

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