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Larry Hogan Gubernatorial Campaign to Start in January



Change Maryland‘s Larry Hogan stopped short of officially starting his campaign to be governor of Maryland last night at the Maryland Republican Fall Convention. It seemed nonetheless clear that he intends to enter the race, just not until January. He cited promises made to employees and a desire to spend the holidays with family as reasons for delaying his official announcement.

Larry Hogan plans to join Republican field for governor in Maryland

“I happen to believe strongly that the people of Maryland simply cannot afford another four years of O’Malley/Brown/Gansler, tax-and-spend, politics as usual,” Hogan said. “It’s about time we got the government off our backs and out of our pockets, so we can grow the private sector, put people back to work and turn Maryland’s economy around.”

Hogan angered some of his soon to be primary opponents at the convention by commandeering the ballroom at the Annapolis DoubleTree Hotel for his “Change Maryland Fall Harvest Party.” Sources say Hogan booked every ballroom in Annapolis when it was announced that the GOP convention would be there, then cancelled all but the DoubleTree once that hotel was selected. As a result, only Change Maryland signs adorned the ballroom and surrounding area, leaving other candidates out in the cold. Some called it unfair while others called it an adept move by a campaign that plays to win.

Either way, the Harvest Party was a hit and it was packed with excited Republicans. I was in the room at the RedState gathering in Charleston, SC when Texas Governor Rick Perry made his much anticipated entry into the 2012 Republican presidential primary. I felt that there was much more excitement in the room for Hogan last night. It seems possible to me that Hogan could become an immediate frontrunner once he officially enters the race.


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