Turning the Tides

Turning the Tides 2015: Liberty Issues for the Youth – Live blog and video

Liberty Issues for the Youth

[Reaching out to communities that are ‘lacking’ in this room!]

Gabby Hoffman

Leonard Robinson III

Christine McEvoy

Hoffman – many students are attacked and defiled on college campuses for being Conservative.  Some of these students are being threatened with lawsuits and being thrown out of school.  “Campus Reform” is a good outlet to find out this information….

McEvoy – sees a great number of students who don’t want to be involved in politics.  Has a strong view that everyone should involve themselves in politics.  We need help though – especially from those beyond the college years.

Robinson – a lot of the reason younger people don’t get into politics (or conservatism) due to fear of how they would be viewed.  Not raised in a Republican household.  When we stop young children from thinking and speaking, they begin to think their opinion (and vote) doesn’t matter.

Local Democrat knocked on his door one evening.  She wanted to keep his neighborhood Democrat – she had heard of him, but did not know him.  He spoke with her at the door and her vitriol towards Republicans actually built up his beliefs.

Robinson – most young people only have trouble with Conservative social issues.  Mean conservatives are always on the defensive.  Republicans are considered unethical due to cuts in welfare, etc.  They do not understand the reasoning behind our convictions and how our policies are actually more beneficial to all.

“How do we old farts talk to young people?”

Hoffman – Don’t be afraid to boldly articulate conservatism.  It is often articulated poorly or falsely – they want to take away your rights, etc.  Issues that would intrigue them – including social issues.  But how you speak to social issues matters – for instance the hook up culture, etc.  For instance, Uber is well liked by young people for choice and cost – this is a great example of free market principles.  Share your personal story of why you succeeded or overcame difficulties – personalize it!

McEvoy – continuing dialogue to learn about the issues and why people believe as they do – not just telling folks what to do.

Hoffman – use day to day actions to explain your reasoning.  Use their paycheck as an example – explain what goes on with the money, not just that it is bad that the government takes so much.  As Ronald Reagan said ‘great change starts at the kitchen table.’

Robinson – sitting at dinner table with Father and he gave him his check stub.  He was shocked at how much was being taken out.  Young people don’t talk about economics, they don’t work – bring it close to home and use real life examples.


  • How do you penetrate the students to get them organized?

Activities fair – give out swag and they will come!  Continue to be there – engage them regularly!  Partner with other student groups to get your name out there.  So many clubs you must use creative methods.  Feed them and they will come

  • What are you doing for 2016 and beyond?

Identify more students to go onto other college campuses.  Training for people who want to run for office.

  • Leonard , as a black American, what kind of reception do you get in your own community?

During the first Obama run, I was accused of being against the first Black President.  Now it is more a question of why – why are you Republican?

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