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LOL: Fracking causes sexually transmitted diseases

Anti-fracking group Food & Water Watch is really reaching for ways to demonize hydraulic fracturing. Since the doomsday scenario science doesn’t seem to be panning out anywhere but in ¬†Josh Fox propaganda films, they’ve resorted to spinning economic growth itself as a negative consequence. Creating jobs is a bad thing now. (No wonder the left loves Obama.)

The fracking boom has brought heavy trucks crowding rural roads and out-of-state workers flooding small towns, often overwhelming local housing, police and public health capacities. The influx of transient workers with disposable income and little to do in their off hours is a recipe for trouble in small-town America, where alcohol-related crimes, traffic accidents, emergency room visits and sexually transmitted infection have all been on the rise.

I’m sure the logically challenged anti-fracking zealots in the Maryland legislature will welcome this as valid data supporting their crusade against viable energy sector jobs. Will they apply the same tortured reasoning to the economic growth they predict for Governor O’Malley’s wind boondoggle? Yeah, right.

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