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Mark Newgent KO’s Maryland Cronyism


We posted recently about Red Maryland’s new partnership with the Baltimore Sun. The Sun wanted to add a conservative perspective to their opinion blogs and they’ve gotten one. Today, Mark Newgent launched a salvo at Maryland’s chief industry, Democratic cronyism. Specifically targeted in the piece is Kearny O’Doherty Public Affairs (KO), a well connected firm run by Democrat party activists. KO makes their money promoting Democrat projects and policies at the taxpayers’ expense.

The banana republic of Maryland

One-party rule breeds cronyism. While Maryland’s one-party Democratic rulers, like Gov. Martin O’Malley, fancy themselves progressive angels above such things, the fact is, Maryland has devolved into an oligarchy.

Exhibit A: KO Public Affairs, the consulting firm run by Steve Kearney, Governor O’Malley’s former communications director, and Damian O’Doherty, who was a top aide to former Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith, who is now the state’s transportation secretary.

O’Doherty is a Maryland Democratic Party Trustee — a high dollar donor program for the party. At the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner, where Governor O’Malley spoke, the state party chair there thanked Messrs. Kearney and O’Doherty for their efforts in organizing the dinner.

KO is the poster child for Maryland Democratic crony capitalism. Their business model relies on getting their friends in government to take more dollars from taxpayers to give to their corporate clients.

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Government will always breed cronyism to some degree, but when one party has total control, cronies become brazen. One party rule coupled with a lapdog media makes the perpetrators feel untouchable. Eventually hubris always has a price.


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