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Maryland Democrats Don’t Think O’Malley Has Presidential Chops



According to a February poll of likely voters conducted by the Baltimore Sun, Maryland voters don’t want Governor O’Malley to be president.

Here’s how the numbers came out among likely Democrat voters:

59% – Hillary Clinton
17% – Undecided
14% – Joe Biden
6% – Martin O’Malley
4% – Andrew Cuomo

Here’s how one voter sees O’Malley’s chances:

“I just don’t think Martin O’Malley has the chops,” said Dan Meenan, 53, a computer programmer from¬†Baltimore County. “He’s not going to wash nationally,” he added.

The Republican side showed results indicative of the state party’s state of disunity. Maryland GOP voters’ top pick is someone who probably won’t even run for office, Dr. Ben Carson. The results showed far more division than on the Democrat side.

24% – Ben Carson
21% – Undecided
15% – Jeb Bush
14% – Chris Christie
14% – Rand Paul
12% – Marco Rubio

Maryland Republicans seldom have any say on Presidential races though, and that probably won’t change in 2016.

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