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Maryland GOP Books Social Media Crybaby Donald Trump for Fundraiser

The Maryland GOP announced that Donald Trump will be the featured speaker at the 2015 Red White and Blue dinner in June.

The announcement comes right on the heels of Trump’s embarrassing social media meltdown over criticism he received from conservative writers Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard and Jonah Goldberg of National Review. The real estate tycoon who routinely boasts about how he would stand up to Vladimir Putin and the Chinese, revealed his thin skin and pettiness all over Twitter this week.

Twitchy chronicled Trump’s hissy fits in which he called Hayes a “failed writer and pundit” with “little talent” and Goldberg a “stupid guy.” Ironically the childish rant ensued from Goldberg’s accusation that Trump was tweeting “like a 14 year old girl.” Trump didn’t even realize he was making Goldberg’s point for him.

‘Hit a nerve’: Donald Trump blasted for ‘baseless & shallow attack’ on Stephen Hayes

‘Resign now or later!’ Clown Prince Donald Trump takes on ‘stupid guy’ Jonah Goldberg

Maybe next time the Maryland GOP should think about skipping the side show and getting a serious speaker…like perhaps Stephen Hayes or Jonah Goldberg.




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