State News publishes ridiculous anti-Republican screed


The immigration system in this country is in chaos, primarily because the federal government refuses to enforce the law or secure our borders. Now Barry Rascovar wants to go back in time more than a century to make ridiculous assertions about those who would like to see the rule of law respected. That someone on the left would write something ridiculous is certainly not surprising. That MarylandReporter would publish it is.

I guess Rascovar forgets that the Democrats were the ones who turned dogs and fire hoses on blacks when they were fighting for their civil rights. Or that the KKK was created by Democrats. Or that the Democrat President’s own pastor is an anti-semitic, race baiting nut. Or that Democrats opposed the abolition of slavery…how far back do you want to compare records Barry?

Rascovar column: Immigration quandary for the GOP

Credibility quandary for


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