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MD Lawmakers: Legalize Pot, Enable Heroin Users, but ban sale of Alcohol.

No one could ever accuse the MD legislature of making perfect sense, but this is a little ridiculous. All during the same session of the General Assembly, the one party government of Maryland is proposing to legalize and or enable the use of currently illegal drugs while seeking to ban the sale of certain forms of alcohol.

Maryland lawmakers launch effort to legalize marijuana

Md. Senate Approves Needle Exchange Expansion

Maryland Senate backs ban on sale of grain alcohol in bid to curb binge drinking

The alcohol ban is being pushed as a means of reducing binge drinking on college campuses while the marijuana legalization effort is being promoted under the banner of  correcting racial inequalities in incarceration rates. The needle exchange in Baltimore City would enable illegal drug use among the city’s population.Arguably the Maryland General Assembly is trying to protect one set of young people from a currently legal intoxicating substance while making it easier for another set of young people to use illegal intoxicating substances.

In one case, they are ignoring the fact that in a small  state like Maryland, it is a simple matter to purchase pure grain alcohol in nearby DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia or Delaware, or to simply buy double the quantity of a cheaper 80 proof liquor. In the other they are accepting that the substance in question will be sold and consumed regardless of its illegality.

Any guesses as to why there is a double standard at work?

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