State Government will have to overcome left wing demagoguery to petition ‘bathroom bill’


Last week, launched a petition drive to bring the recently passed ‘bathroom bill’ to a referendum. There is bipartisan opposition to the poorly written bill but the left will come at the effort hard to portray opponents as bigots, homophobes and the like.

As with a lot of bad legislation, the name given to SB121–”Fairness For All Marylanders Act”– was chosen in order to create the impression that anyone opposing it is an irrational bigot. I mean who could possibly oppose “fairness,” right? The fact is no one is against fairness. What proponents name a new piece of legislation isn’t always the same thing as what the legislation actually does. (Affordable Care Act, anyone?)

So what’s wrong with the bill and why is it being petitioned?

Let’s first start with why the bill is NOT being petitioned. The bill is not being petitioned because anyone wants to unfairly discriminate against transgendered people. They deserve the same rights as anyone else. You will most certainly hear otherwise from the left but that will be political spin, fear mongering, and attempts to perpetuate false stereotypes. And since the problems with the law have to do with creating legal loopholes for sexual predators you will probably hear people saying the opponents of the law are accusing transgendered people of being sexual predators. That is also completely false.

The bill is being petitioned because despite its name, it is not “fair” at all. Specifically it is unfair to women, children and parents. The badly written law is big on good intentions but falls short because as is often the case, Democrats have failed to consider possible unintended consequences in their rush to pass a law that makes them feel good.

As the law is currently written, it is possible for sexual predators to use spurious claims about their gender identity in order to go places they shouldn’t be allowed to go. Meanwhile some parents the right to accompany their children in those same places.

At a public pool, a male sexual predator could enter the women’s locker room and justify it by claiming a female gender identity. A single father taking his young daughter to that public pool cannot accompany his daughter into the locker room though. This law makes his daughter less safe than before this law was passed. That is not fair the daughter, the father, or any of the other potential victims.

A women’s fitness center would likewise have no basis to deny a sexual predator access to locker rooms or showers if the predator claims to identify as a female. This law is unfair to the proprietor of the fitness center and her customers who have chosen to patronize an all female gym. In fact, it would actually make the proprietor a criminal for impeding the predator’s access!

A business owner who sees a suspicious man entering a female restroom may be reluctant to act upon suspicions for fear of being accused of bigotry or having legal action taken against him.

No, this new law is not fair at all. It creates a ready made legal defense for predators while infringing on the parental rights and property rights of law abiding citizens.

The Republican minority offered an amendment to SB121 to correct these issues but it was defeated by the Democratic super-majority. Once a bill is signed into law, it can’t be amended so the only way to deal with the problems created with this badly thought out legislation is to repeal it in it’s entirety and pass something that protects people from discrimination while not infringing on the safety of others.

Visit to for more information and to download and sign the petition.


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