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MoCo Council President Owes More than $1000 in Unpaid Traffic and Parking Tickets



Craig Rice, President of the Montgomery County Council is facing suspension of his driver’s license because he owes more than $1000 in unpaid traffic and parking tickets. Rice earns $114,000 per year as president of the County Council.

The newly-elected president of the Montgomery County Council already has an issue to deal with, and it has nothing to do with politics. Rather, Council President Craig Rice’s issues stem from $1,265 in unpaid parking and traffic tickets from the past three years.

Documents reviewed by ABC7 News indicate Rice, who was named council president on Dec. 3, has compiled a debt of $1,065 in Washington, D.C. The tab includes five tickets for infractions like speeding, illegal parking and outdated tags. The Annapolis Department of Transportation reports Rice owes the capital city $110 for two expired parking meter citations, while Montgomery County says the charismatic 41-year-old hasn’t paid a $90 traffic ticket.
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According to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search & Annapolis Dept. of Transportation websites at around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday evening, it is confirmed that Montgomery County Council President Craig Rice has paid all of his outstanding parking and traffic tickets — eight in total.

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