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More Questionable Voter Registrations Challenged in Maryland


Election Integrity Maryland has expanded it’s investigation into Frederick County and has found that more than one third of the voter registrations examined appear questionable.

Rockville, MD – January 15, 2014 – Election Integrity Maryland (EIM), one of the Mid-Atlantic’s leading election integrity organizations (empowered by True the Vote), today sent challenges to the voter registration rolls maintained by Frederick County.

This is the first time EIM investigated and questioned voter registration data in Frederick County. EIM examined 900 voter registrations and from this data EIM has challenged 371 records.

Among the challenges, EIM identified:

  • Deceased voters that remain on the active voter rolls long after their date of death;
  • Voters who do not live at their registered addresses;
  • Duplicate voter registrations within Maryland;
  • Duplicate voter registrations in another state; and
  • Votes listed as active, despite not having voted in as long as the past 10 years.

As found in every set of challenges EIM has filed since February 2012, there were many inactive voters that remain within the data purchased from the State Board of Elections.

According to Cathy Kelleher, EIM’s President, “Election Integrity Maryland strives to provide confidence to Maryland’s voters in their voting franchise. This is just the latest of our findings and continues to force the argument of how important it is for the State and individual counties to be cleansing the rolls to lessen any temptation to use outdated personal data for fraudulent purposes.”

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