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Nanny State Republican Wants to Save us from Road Rage


Republicans in the Maryland General Assembly are tackling the big problems in the state this session.

Delegate seeks to reduce road rage

Bill designed to steer drivers out of left lane

ANNAPOLIS — There’s hope for the perpetually late drivers of Maryland whose blood boils at the sight of a slow car in the left lane.

If it’s up to Delegate Patrick Hogan, and if a bill he has sponsored succeeds, the state will ask slowpoke drivers to slide to the right so others can pass.

The title of his legislation? The Road Rage Reduction Act of 2014.

With the bill, the Maryland State Highway Administration would post signs along all roads of more than two lanes in each direction telling drivers to clear the way of any vehicles that might be bearing down on them.

“I wish we didn’t have to legislate common sense, but clearly people don’t realize that they should be moving over,” said Hogan, R-District 3A.

Hogan said the idea for the bill stemmed from discussions in the House Environmental Matters Committee about how to prevent traffic congestion, road rage and other things that make commuting dangerous and unpleasant.

The signs included in Hogan’s proposal might end up stating “Slower traffic, keep right” or “Keep right unless passing.” Hogan said his committee will talk about the best wording and also consider establishing penalties for drivers who disobey the signs.

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The existing traffic rules require that the left lane be used only when overtaking slower traffic. Everyone with a license is responsible for knowing this. If the police are not enforcing the rule now, signs will make no difference. This is just shoot-from-the-hip, nanny-state, central planning by politicians who can’t or don’t want to deal with the real problems. Maybe Hogan needs another notch in his legislative belt in order to move up in the moribund Maryland Republican hierarchy so he can focus on the bigger issues like unauthorized mattress tag removal.

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Larry Hogan posted a pat on the head to his Facebook page, “Brother Patrick with some common sense legislation!

I hope he doesn’t really believe that.

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