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New Hogan TV Ad is as Dull as the GOP

Larry Hogan’s new TV ad certainly contains no surprises. Nice black and white photos, a slick pre-packaged split screen template, boring music and soothing voiceover. It’s what one would expect, therefore it’s not likely to get a lot of organic online sharing. Visually it’s “nice” but otherwise it’s unimaginative and cliche.

At this point though it’s a bit laughable for a former Cabinet Secretary and current candidate for office to sell himself as not being a politician. You’re doing politics. You’re a politician. (It’s reminiscent of how President Obama continually decries how “Washington” works as if he’s not a part of it.) Explain why you’re different instead of relying on buzz phrases that don’t mean anything.

The tag line is weak: “Because we can’t change Maryland without changing Governors.”

O’Malley is term limited, so we’re going to change governors no matter who wins the election. It’s a pretty awkward slogan.

Bottom line, it’s a typical Republican commercial:  it’s inoffensive, highly forgettable, and it probably cost a lot more than it should have.

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