Obamacare closes door to opportunity

Our friend “Sunshine State” Sarah Rumpf wrote a good piece about how Obamacare is hurting the self employed.

“Beyond the absurdity of requiring women decades past childbearing years to pay for maternity care – not to mention men – Obamacare requires people like me to pay for a level of medical services that we do not want and will not use. All I wanted was to treat my health insurance as a way to insure myself against the unpredictable risk of a catastrophic illness or injury, not as a membership in a prepaid health plan.

“Being self-employed forces you to be creative, thrifty, and prioritize your expenses. The extra cost of a more comprehensive plan would have been the breaking point in my budget during the leaner times between election cycles, so the best choice for me was a catastrophic plan. Had Obamacare been enacted five years ago, it would have killed my ability to pursue my dreams.”

For entrepreneurs, a one size fits all health plan is an impediment. That means that a one size fits all health plan mandate is an impediment to growing our economy.

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