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Obama’s Minimum Wage Promise: Another Scam


President Obama is expected to announce during the State of the Union speech that he will issue an executive order raising the minimum wage for people working on new federal contracts to $10.10 per hour. In Maryland (and I expect much of the country) this is a virtually meaningless gesture because federal law already dictates how much people employed on federal contracts must make. A scant few in the region make less than $10.10 now and those who do would only see their pay increase by pennies.

At the government’s website for determining wages for federal contracts, the report for DC, MD and VA includes only a few job classifications that can legally be paid under $10.10 per hour right now.

  • Waiter/Waitress – $9.70
  • Laundry Assembler, Counter Attendant, Finisher, Presser – $9.88
  • Carnival Equipment Worker – $9.24

That is a carnival equipment worker, mind you. Carnival equipment operators  and repairers must be paid $13.59 and $14.63 per hour respectively.

Below is the entire report for the DC region.

MD Wage Determinations under the Service Contract Act

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