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O’Malley Rallies for Obamacare While Maryland Exchange Flounders


Governor O’Malley spoke at a rally on Friday to encourage people to jump on board the derailing Obamacare train while  Maryland moves toward abandoning the $125 million state exchange altogether. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown who was in charge of the health exchange website catastrophe did not attend the rally.

As usual, O’Malley tried to make bad numbers sound good. According to The Baltimore Sun:

The governor said more people signed up for private insurance through the exchange in the past week than in the first 10 weeks after the exchange went live in October.

The rollout of the exchange was a disaster so signing up more people than in the first 10 weeks isn’t an  accomplishment to boast about. It becomes even less impressive when you stop to consider how many of those sign ups were people who lost their health policies due to Obamacare despite promises to the contrary from the President and his various Democrat surrogates in elected office and the press.  Fox News reports:

So far, the state says 49,293 Maryland residents have enrolled in private health plans as of last week, far short of the state’s original goal of 150,000 enrollments.

The Maryland health exchange was to be the big feather in Anthony Brown’s hat, setting him up for a easy path to the governor’s mansion. Now the money spent on building it will likely be all for naught. Fox News again:

With just days to go before open enrollment ends on March 31, Maryland officials are reportedly planning to abandon its glitch-ridden ObamaCare website and replace the health exchange with technology from Connecticut’s marketplace.

Naturally, Democrat yes-man, Senator Ben Cardin is always enthusiastic about bad policy.



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