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O’Malley’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ Reddit Turns Into ‘Shoot Me Now, This Sucks’


I admire Martin O’Malley for his initiative in attempting to utilize various avenues of social media to get his message across, but I think he got more than he bargained for today during his “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event on Reddit. City Blog highlights the discussion as well as summarizing the overall response:

As anyone might have predicted:

1. Negative comments outnumber positive by a wide margin (in the early going, anyway)

2. Politician boilerplate outnumbers human answers by about the same margin

3. Libertainianesque obsessives outnumber sane people by about the same margin

Maryland blogger, Jeff Quinton also notes that a ‘prankster’ raided the Reddit and was posting answers as if they were the Governor. Unfortunately, the shenanigans don’t stop there, because O’Malley apparently thought no one participating today would be privy to facts when he declared, “More people are moving to Maryland.”


Let me direct you, Governor, to this Gallup survey highlighted by Maryland Watchdog Wire Editor Mark Newgent in a recent post. 47% of Marylanders indicated they would leave the state if they could. Maryland was rated the third highest on the list of those indicated they would leave their state. Newgent also references a previous Gallup survey which indicated a resounding 67% of Marylanders felt their taxes were too high.

Sadly for him, I don’t think the Governor’s Presidential aspirations were heightened by his possible effort to earn cool points like Obama did with his record breaking AMA numbers. The Washington Post also noted the unfavorable results, quoting one Reddit user as saying the Governor likely “regretted doing this.”

No doubt. Despite that, he actually came back twice to answer more questions. Could that have been an attempt to improve the results? I’ll give him an E for effort.

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