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Parents Rally in Baltimore Against Common Core


Concerned parents in Maryland used today, the start of National Education Week, to voice their opposition to federal education standards known as the “Common Core.”

Maryland Common Core protest well attended by citizens

A grassroots movement against Common Core(CCSS) and the federalization of our education system which was brought together in only three weeks made an impressive showing today in Baltimore in front of the Maryland Department of Education headquarters.

Over 50 protestors assembled on a weekday morning in downtown Baltimore to bring awareness to the issues surrounding Common Core, the new national education standards which were adopted by 45 states, including Maryland.

WJZ 13 has video and coverage of the protest.

The big fuss with common core is federal involvement. Protesters say instead of teachers coming up with their individual and creative ways to teach, they must follow a strict national curriculum designed by the government.

“Most of it’s more about testing than proper teaching. Teachers are being forced to teach the test rather than have kids explore the curiosity in learning,” said Josephat Mua

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