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Pat McDonough discusses revoking food stamps in Baltimore, proposes study of ‘thug culture’

The Maryland GOP will never make any progress in minority communities if the few Republicans who actually manage to get elected continues to include guys like Pat McDonough. Recent comments made by McDonough on his radio show are getting national attention. The Delegate from District 7 wrapped himself up in a bow for those who would portray all Republicans as uncaring bigots.

The GOP at large has for all intents and purposes abandoned urban black neighborhoods. The reverse is also true. Republicans expect not to get votes there so they make no effort. Voters there seldom see a Republican working on their behalf—or at all—so it’s easy for them to believe in the caricature sold to them by Democrats. McDonough often makes it even easier with his ham fisted treatment of race on air.

Speaking as if you presume all the rioters’ families are on food stamps and discussing people as if they are lab animals doesn’t build any bridges.

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