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Report: MoCo Police Chief meeting with Islamists linked with Hamas


A Canadian blog Point De Bascule that tracks Islamist activity in Canada reports that Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger will be participating in a public meeting with some people with questionable ties to discuss ISIS.

Maryland Police chief scheduled to meet with CAIR apologist Rabia Chaudry and controversial Canadian security advisor Hussein Hamdani

On October 8th, 2014, the International Cultural Center is organizing another of these “outreach” activities in Montgomery Village (Maryland) between known Islamists and police authorities under the theme Understanding the ISIS Threat to the Homeland. In their presentation of the panel, the organizers announce that “[their] international expert panel will discuss the recruiting tactics of ISIS and other terrorist groups and explore innovative strategies for empowering the community to intervene.”

In spite of the fact that both Rabia Chaudry and Hussein Hamdani are Islamists linked with the North American Hamas support infrastructure, they are scheduled to meet with Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger to present their “solutions” to the terrorist recruitment in the U.S.

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Point De Bascule reports that Chaudry and Hamdani have ties to several groups that have been linked to terrorist financing.

Event Flyer Understanding the ISIS Threat to the Homeland2

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