Richard Douglas at NRO: O’Malley presided over ‘largest taxpayer exodus in the Mid-Atlantic region’

Iraq veteran, former Defense Department official and former US Senate candidate Richard Douglas writes a great take-down of Martin O’Malley at National Review Online today. Douglas goes after the likely presidential candidate on taxes driving people to leave the state,

Douglas makes a point that few in the old media make when O’Malley begins patting himself on the back for alleged economic successes: Maryland’s economy is always bolstered by massive amounts of federal spending because of military bases and a substantial number of recession-proof federal employees and contractors living in the state.

National Review OnlineO’Malley Made a Mess of Maryland

Maryland is blessed with a relatively stable and well-paid federal presence thanks to its key military installations and its proximity to Washington, D.C. We have one of the nation’s best seaports and logistical networks of railways and highways. But even with this foundation, the governor drove jobs and businesses away.

Douglas goes on to detail O’Malley’s failures with regard to Obamacare and his environmental extremist agenda. It’s a good primer for candidates and national bloggers who may not yet know much about O’Malley.

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