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Students debilitated by illness while school board hid mold problem from parents

Last month the toxic issue at School was acknowledged by the Superintendent, but the mold was causing issues for quite some time before the problem became public.

In the weeks since Superintendent Renee Foose acknowledged that Glenwood Middle School has had a recurring mold problem, teachers and parents of students have started to come forward with stories of health issues that they believe were caused by mold in the building.

One teacher told of dizziness and heart palpitations at work. Another had breathing problems that led to an emergency room visit. Multiple teachers reported students with nosebleeds, sinus infections and bronchitis. A parent said a mysterious illness that caused her son to miss 16 1/2 days during his sixth-grade year was finally starting to make sense.

The stories paint a picture at odds with assurances from Howard County Public School System officials, who say the middle school’s problems have been minimal and were promptly remedied.


Parents testified today in front of the Howard County

Vallor’s daughter experienced other frightening symptoms, as well, including nosebleeds so violent they caused her to vomit up blood; significant joint pain; and neuropathy, including a severe burning feeling in her hands, fingers and feet in addition to numbness and tingling sensations, according to the testimony.

“If at any time, the school system had informed parents that mold was being investigated at Glenwood Middle School, I would have been able to provide that data to her doctors,” she said. “I would have been able to get her out of an environment that was toxic to her.


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