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The David Vogt Campaign: The Jokes Write Themselves


The Quinton Report posted today about various apparent campaign finance violations on the part of the David Vogt campaign for congress in Maryland District 6.

Apparently the Vogt Campaign hasn’t been handling cash donations properly according to FEC rules and actually reports negative cash on hand for the last quarter.

Yes, you read that correctly. David Vogt’s campaign is in the red (based on his calculations.) They spent more money in the last quarter than they raised. That cash on hand number in the report is indeed -3362.48. Vogt appears to be operating as his own campaign treasurer. I suspect that ranks up there with representing yourself in a court of law as dumb moves go. He has no loans listed and there’s no way you can have a negative cash on hand number.

This is clearly not a serious campaign, but it’s hard not to look at this and wonder if David Vogt is even a serious person. Remember that the centerpiece of Vogt’s campaign is demonstrating fiscal responsibility with campaign spending. We’ve commented on this previously

“Before we can, as representatives or Congressmen, stand up and claim to be able to do something about fiscal responsibility as a government, we need to demonstrate that fiscal responsibility ourselves,” Vogt said. “Otherwise, it’s an empty suit that’s talking one way and moving their hand a different way behind the door.”

Vogt is apparently already practicing deficit spending during the primary. As Quinton points out, it appears Vogt is acting as his own campaign treasurer so there is no passing off the financial irregularities to incompetent staff. The jokes write themselves.

Vogt has challenged his opponents to cap their campaign spending at $500k. Clearly his campaign is unlikely to even raise that much money. It’s probably time to end this charade.

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