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Vogt Still Banking On $500K Spending Challenge

Spending one’s own money on an election is one thing, spending money contributed by supporters is quite another.


Good question.

Answered only with another question.

Charity is laudable. People are cynical about politics though.
This looks like a gimmick even if it’s sincere (which it more than likely is).

No, it really doesn’t.

Leaping from how much it costs to run your campaign to how good a steward you’ll be with the taxpayers’ money is a non-sequitur. Why is $500k the “responsible” price for a congressional campaign? Why not $400k, or $300k?  It’s an illogical talking point. If a candidate spends $600k does that mean he’s less fit for office than the one who spent $500k?  If a candidate claims to stand for the people, is it “responsible” to spend less on a campaign than your supporters are willing to provide? Is this really about fiscal responsibility or about Vogt’s lack of confidence in his fundraising ability?

Bottom line: There is a big difference between spending money that others have given you for that purpose and spending money that the government has taken from others for its own purposes. If Vogt doesn’t recognize this then I’m not sure he’s fiscally knowledgeable–responsibility is no longer the issue.

I think voters are less concerned about money in politics than people who crusade against it would have you believe. I think Delivery Show host Jimmie Bise said it best:

You know what would get money out of politics? A lot less money in government.

Personally, I’d like to see any candidate who is truly serious about less money in government spend as much as he can raise to get elected.