‘We need to heal’: U of MD students traumatized by email, seek government protection

Ironically, the University of Maryland’s mascot is a thick skinned reptile with a hard shell. Maybe they should consider changing it to something more dainty. The delicate flowers in College Park need their student government to step in and protect their feelings from the internet equivalent of a foul mouthed drunken hobo ranting in the street. Let’s not even consider that half of the “offended” probably hear things just as nasty (or maybe worse) in the entertainment media they choose to consume. Inchoate fascism requires no consistency.

The student newspaper The Diamondback reports:

The SGA unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday night supporting a proposal to revise the Code of Student Conduct following the surfacing of a racist, sexist email sent by a former Kappa Sigma fraternity member in January 2014 that went viral in March.

The resolution passed 16-0, with no abstentions.

The proposal — which highlights potential University of Maryland policy changes, such as creating a campuswide protocol to address cases of hate speech and making changes to Greek life expectation requirements — is a step toward helping the university community recover, said Student Government Association President Patrick Ronk.

“This proposal is a way to show students that we need to move forward in a productive way, and we need to heal,” Ronk said.

Seriously? If you need to “heal” from a racist email sent by a semi-literate Cro-Magnon frat boy with exceedingly poor judgement, there’s a much bigger problem than “hate speech” on campus. The problem is a dire shortage of big-boy and big-girl pants. They should be embarrassed that they have given an internet troll so much power of them, but they’re not.

These students will soon graduate and expect the same sort of protections from state and federal government.

And they will never grow up.

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