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Will Starstruck Legislators Cave to House of Cards Threat?


Earlier this week the State Senate passed a bill increasing the tax credits for “Film Production Activity” (a.k.a. Netflix series House of Cards) from $11 million to $18.5 million. The bill passed in a 45-1 vote with every Republican voting for the increase.

Last night producer and star of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey was in town to encourage Maryland Delegates to increase the payola. Earlier this year the show threatened to pull out of Maryland if the state didn’t sweeten the pot.

While it is frustrating that a compliant GOP offers no opposition to the Democrat machine that runs Maryland, it is equally frustrating that the machine will give tax credits to selected industries while otherwise behaving as if tax policy isn’t driving other business (and citizens) out of the state.

Here’s hoping that at least some Republican delegates have the backbone to reject Hollywood blackmail even if only symbolically.



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